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Sr. Stephanie Baliga

Sr. Stephanie Baliga

Franciscans of the Eucharist

When asked what one of her highlights of consecrated life was, Sr. Stephanie mentioned the lifestyle, noting that as “…[their] lives are rooted in prayer and community life, we strive to be leaven, or a witness of communion, to the Church.” Having taken first vows in September of 2013 she still has a lot of time to take in the joys and gifts of consecrated life. She has, however, used her time in formation to grow in relationship. As she states, “formation has provided me with innumerable opportunities to grow in my relationship with Christ through prayer, community life, and our apostolate.” Sr. Stephanie very much loves the work that they are doing with those in need through the Mission of Our Lady of Angels.

Sr. Stephanie also shows us that many people’s dreams can still be compatible to living a consecrated life. This fall, Sr. Stephanie competed in a marathon and ran it in an impressive 2 hours and 53 minutes. As she states, “I’m not writing this to be prideful, but to show that those interested in religious life that your current hopes and dreams are often times compatible with religious life. God appears to be very generous to those who say YES to the call!”

As we prepare for the start of the Year of Consecrated Life, Sr. Stephanie is “excited to hear more about what Pope Francis has to say about religious life!” May we pray for her and for all members of consecrated life.

This is an entry in our “Profiles of Consecrated Life Blog”. We have sent questions for reflection to members of consecrated life in the Archdiocese to learn from their experience and about their lives as consecrated people.

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