2017-18 OFR Events

Cardinal’s Celebration of Consecrated Life Day:  February 3, 2018 Queen of All Saints Parish, Chicago

As we prepare for the celebration of Consecrated Life Day 2018, we invite you and your congregation to consider the following questions:

In what specific ways are members of your congregation responding to Pope Francis’ urgent call to accompany God’s most vulnerable people at this time in our Church and society? What new ministry invitations are emerging? 

Knowing that there is strength in uniting with others in prayer and shared initiatives, what kinds of collaborative efforts has your congregation been involved in this past year or is hoping to become involved with in the near future?

Please submit your response using this online submission form: http://www.officeforreligious.org/call-and-response-survey/

We are also looking for members of congregations who are leading above initiatives for the possibility of being part of a panel for Consecrated Life Day.

If you have any questions, please contact Sr. Lovina Pammit Lpammit@archchicago.org or call 312-534-5240.

Thank you!


Cardinal’s Meeting with Leadership of Religious: May 10, 2018 at St. Giles Parish in Oak Park, IL


Archdiocesan Celebration of Religious Jubilees: May 26, 2018